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Operating an Artificial Surf Park business?

Seeking a Comprehensive Management Solution?

Look no further, optimize your business with us.

Maximize ROI and customer satisfaction, manage and leverage DATA, boost your marketing efforts, optimize inventory management, and much more!

Why Choose Wave7 for Managing Your Wave Pool Business?

We dedicate ourselves to delivering a comprehensive surfing wave machine management solution that stands unrivaled in its benefits for our clients. Our unwavering commitment to accessibility, adaptability, and proficiency underpins every aspect of our operations, guaranteeing the provision of top-tier solutions and customer satisfaction.


17M end-users

We gather daily feedback from over 17 million end-users, continually refining and improving your surf park business.


24/7 Worldwide support

Operating round the clock, our team stands ready to offer unparalleled support and guidance, ensuring you're equipped with the resources necessary for continuous success.


47 payment gateways

Wave7 is crafted with adaptability in mind, tailored to suit your individual requirements. Currently, we seamlessly integrate with 47 payment gateways, ensuring versatility to accommodate diverse preferences.


18 Languages available

With availability in 18 languages, our system ensures ease of use regardless of your location across the globe.

Someone surfing water

Our groundbreaking platform equips surfing wave pool businesses with the essential tools for limitless success.

From streamlined e-commerce and partner portals to sophisticated accounting and cutting-edge media production, we've got every aspect covered. Discover our array of features and propel your surfing wave machine business to unprecedented levels of success!

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